wk 6 -art experience- photowalk

tour time.


I had a great time during our photo walk. My photowalk guide was Maddy (pictured above). She was great. Friendly and informative. We first went to see a csulb sign shaped out of bushes. which kind of reflected the theme of our walk; nature. We then took a bus to our next stop, the Japanese Garden, thanks to our smooth talking tour guide. Our photowalk turned into a photoride which was really cool since I have not taken the shuttle our school provides. It gave me a different perspective of the campus. The Japanese Garden was beautiful and I tried my best to capture that beauty in my photographs. When taking the pictures I tied to leave out other people. I attempted to keep the focus on nature. After that, our group WALKED to the famous pyramid. This is where I took my favorite picture. I really liked the different shades of blue seen between the two sides of the pyramid and the sky. I also liked how the picture is ambiguous. You really can’t tell how big or small the subject in the photo is. In the end, I saw many parts of the campus I probably wouldn’t have visited on my own.


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