wk 5 -art experience- cuisine

spring time.

So my idea for this project was to do something with food. I wanted to make something that looked as if it was a part of nature, something that didn’t appear edible. I was in my backyard and noticed all of our potted plants and so i thought it would be cool to recreate that but in food form. I knew chocolate cake looked like dirt so thats where i started. I found a recipe for chocolate mug cake online and went from there. Getting the ingredients and putting them together was pretty straight forward. I’ve baked before but never using a microwave so i was pretty skeptical and wasn’t sure if it would turn out. But to my surprise it turned out great! really cakey and moist. It looked like dirt in a pot but I had the idea to sprinkle cocoa powder on top and i think that added to the look I was going for. Then to really set it off I added mint sprigs from my backyard! It turned out better than I expected it too. Just like a plant in a pot. I think what I took away from this experience was how presenting something in a different way can really make it exciting and new.


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