wk 6 -art experience- photowalk

tour time.


I had a great time during our photo walk. My photowalk guide was Maddy (pictured above). She was great. Friendly and informative. We first went to see a csulb sign shaped out of bushes. which kind of reflected the theme of our walk; nature. We then took a bus to our next stop, the Japanese Garden, thanks to our smooth talking tour guide. Our photowalk turned into a photoride which was really cool since I have not taken the shuttle our school provides. It gave me a different perspective of the campus. The Japanese Garden was beautiful and I tried my best to capture that beauty in my photographs. When taking the pictures I tied to leave out other people. I attempted to keep the focus on nature. After that, our group WALKED to the famous pyramid. This is where I took my favorite picture. I really liked the different shades of blue seen between the two sides of the pyramid and the sky. I also liked how the picture is ambiguous. You really can’t tell how big or small the subject in the photo is. In the end, I saw many parts of the campus I probably wouldn’t have visited on my own.


wk 5 -art experience- cuisine

spring time.

So my idea for this project was to do something with food. I wanted to make something that looked as if it was a part of nature, something that didn’t appear edible. I was in my backyard and noticed all of our potted plants and so i thought it would be cool to recreate that but in food form. I knew chocolate cake looked like dirt so thats where i started. I found a recipe for chocolate mug cake online and went from there. Getting the ingredients and putting them together was pretty straight forward. I’ve baked before but never using a microwave so i was pretty skeptical and wasn’t sure if it would turn out. But to my surprise it turned out great! really cakey and moist. It looked like dirt in a pot but I had the idea to sprinkle cocoa powder on top and i think that added to the look I was going for. Then to really set it off I added mint sprigs from my backyard! It turned out better than I expected it too. Just like a plant in a pot. I think what I took away from this experience was how presenting something in a different way can really make it exciting and new.

wk 5 -artist conversation- kristi jenson


Exhibition Information

Artist: Kristi Jenson
Exhibition: Fuse
Media: Steel, Copper, Mixed-Media, Installation
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East
Website: n/a
Instagram: @whipperton

About the Artist

Kristi Jenson is currently a senior at csulb and is only one semester away from graduating! She is presently enrolled in the metals and jewelry BFA program. He interests include sculpting, which is seen in her art. She also enjoys breaking bad and getting tattoos- she currently has 8 of them. Her artwork expresses the idea of form, working with something seemingly rigid and rough and turing it into something new, something fluid.

Formal Analysis

The piece of Kristi’s I observed is untitled however, it has adopted the nickname “onion” given the resemblance it has with the vegetable. The sculpture was made with steel. It is dark in color, almost a chocolate brown. Flattened strips of inch wide steel make up a majority of the piece with a couple of circular pieces put in for stability. Its very bulbous in shape. Long uniform curves. Very similar to a vase. I would describe it as smooth. The piece also has reflectional symmetry, which means it can be folded across its axis and still retain the same shape.

Content Analysis

I think the piece is about, as I stated earlier, changing something the is hard and stiff and simply giving it a new shape. The sculpture also reminded me of a bird cage. Many people go through life feeling trapped, whether it be in a dead end job or in a shitty relationship, and this piece resonates with that kind of feeling.  I also like the idea that this kind of work can just look aesthetically pleasing for no real reason. It reflects a familiar shape though a different medium and is interesting to look at.

Synthesis / My Experience

For me, this expeience was great. The work reminded me of something old and something cherished. I felt like I was in a museum looking at pieces made a long time ago. I guess thats what i love about art. How it can be timeless and seemingly belong anywhere. I have never given much thought to sculpture but I think it really resonated with me. I also think the only reason I saw a cage in this work is because maybe I feel trapped. It kind of scares me but is also reassuring in the fact that now I am aware of this sentiment I have. This is just a testimont to how past experiences and even current ones can shape and the way you look at things.

wk 5 -classmate conversation- anthony sanchez


This week I talked with Anthony Sanchez. Anthony is a freshman and is currently a computer science major. He lives in the dorms right off campus. He is originally from Palmdale where he swam on his high school swim team. Anthony hopes to become a software engineer after he graduates. He really enjoys working with computers and even knows how to do a little coding. Something I found interesting about Anthony was his love for csulb. He really takes advantage of all the stuff this school has to offer, like the bowling alley! I really enjoyed talking with and getting to know Anthony and I wish him all the best.

Anthony’s website

wk 2- art experience- plaster casting

sandy parts.

I had a lot of fun doing this weeks art experience. I’ve never done anything like this before. But I really like the idea of making a mold of one of my body parts. That sounded kind of dirty…

I thought the actual casting went really well, just not at first. It took a couple tries getting the plaster mixed to the right consistency. But in the end, I think the molds turned out pretty good. What I enjoyed most about this project though was meeting new people. Sam, Maddy, Jason and I helped each other out and got to know each other a little better in the process.